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Who we are

ARSMAGNA is a Data Center Architecture & Engineering Specialist Design Collaborative, providing Design, Consultancy and Audit services to customers worldwide. Our service offering covers the complete lifecycle of the Data Center.

As a niche consultancy company, we are exclusively focused on Data Centers and Telco Centers, our founders have a combined experience of more than 50 years in the industry.

In addition to our professional team of Data Center Architects, Engineers and Consultants, ARSMAGNA has a partner network of over 50 Award Winning Data Center specialists and skilled professionals.


  • ARSMAGNA Architects

    SpainData Center Building Architecture and Project Management
  • PQC

    SpainData Center Electromechanical & Special Installations and Project Management
  • RKL

    SpainData Center Safety & Security Installations and Project Management
  • N+ONE

    MoroccoData Center Design, Build and Management

Our mission & values

Our work will be guided and informed by the following beliefs and commitments.
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    We respect people, value diversity and are committed to equality.
  • 2


    Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.
  • 3


    Nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers, together we create mutual, enduring value.
  • 4


    We strive for excellence through continuous improvement. What we do, we do well.
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    We are commited to a culture of teamwork and collaboration.
  • 6


    Be a responsible citizen that makes a difference by helping build and support sustainable communities.
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    Be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization.
  • 8

    Think outside the box

    By differentiating ourselves we help you make a difference.

We are socially responsible

At ARSMAGNA, we consider ourselves responsible for the impact our decisions and actions have on society and the environment, through transparency and ethical behavior we continue to explore and implement new practices to reduce our environmental footprint.
  • SustainabilityWe contribute to a sustainable development of society, including its health and welfare.
  • StakeholdersWe take all our stakeholders’ expectations and needs seriously.
  • Law complianceWe stay compliant with applicable law, always, and consistent with international norms of industry behaviors.
  • Social ResponsabilityWe integrate social responsibility throughout our organization and processes.


"We have appreciated the great client service and what the ARSMAGNA team of skilled professionals did above and beyond their call of duty"

- Confidential Client

  • We can develop the Building Architectural and Electromechanical & Telco Engineering Design as a whole and in parallel by Data Center specialized teams working side by side, thus in practice there is a constant communication between them, in this way there being a perfect technical interaction between the building (container) and the installations (content).
  • Our Building Architects and Electromechanical & Telco Engineers count on a comprehensive specialization and a large experience in Data Centers. They only work in this kind of projects thus all their training and professional development is oriented towards this sector. Actually ARSMAGNA has at their disposal a specific and continuous training program, attending seminars and sector events all around the world, where ARSMAGNA’s staff not only receives new information about the latest technological developments but as well lectures on the firm’s own developments.
  • The methodology of ARSMAGNA’s Project Management services has been exclusively developed for the construction of Data Centers, and is managed by Data Center specialized Project Managers perfectly knowing and mastering their specific problems, being as well totally familiar with the various technical and construction systems related to an activity as critical as this one. These procedures are the result of many years of refinement of successive methodologies and have been developed from the working procedures requested by big international corporations.
  • We are a niche company so we don’t need to count on an oversized overhead structure. We keep the strictly necessary size in order to provide our Customers with the best quality-price ratio of the market.
  • We manage talent, not a huge mass of people. We look for the professionals working at ARSMAGNA to be amongst the best in their speciality.
  • We transfer constantly our knowledge to our Customers through Value Engineering, in this way improving their present facilities or developing new ones according to the latest advances within the industry.
  • We get involved with our Customer’s projects when so required from the very first steps of the development, even collaborating with the preliminary studies about the feasibility of the facility, the most suitable location or the strategic approach to be followed.
  • We are a multinational team which allows us to offer to our Customer the global vision of the industry, thanks as well to the network of contacts and alliances that is the core of our business model.

Best in Class

  • We are one of the few companies in the international market offering our range of specialized services.
  • ARSMAGNA works only on Data Centers, Telco Centers and Control Rooms . Other consultancy companies with a presence in this sector develop as well i.g. offices, hotels or retail centers, entailing some dispersion. That’s not our case.
  • We design spaces specifically devised for Data Center use. One of the big mistakes in this sector made by non specialized people is to believe that any space may be suitable to house a Data Center. Actually a space for Data Center purposes has almost nothing to do with an office space or with an industrial premise for instance, neither as to the structure or weight to be supported nor as to the functional requirements based upon the needs of the installations to be located.
  • The capacity for designing the Electromechanical, Telco and Special Installations at the same time as the Building Architecture when so required, and doing it with the same specialized professional team, means that “shape follows the function”, in other words the space layout is subordinated to the installations and perfectly linked with them.
  • By having a presence in the most mature and technologically advanced markets we have a privileged access to the latest developments by the specialized manufacturers which we put into practice after a detailed analysis.